Saturday, 29 September 2012

Because he is a promoter of equality, equity and humanism

The first time I heard President Chavez' discourse, I realized something of transcendental significance would happen in our lives... and that's the way it turned out. 

This man, besides thinking about human beings as individuals, also pays attention to our collective wellbeing, and works tirelessly in that direction. It's no small thing, the whole road of progress Venezuela lives through today, thanks to the momentum President Hugo Chávez has given to the nation's development; to the fact that today all of us have become deeply aware of our rights and duties; that we can express ourselves in complete freedom, in any number of spaces, and that our opinion counts for something; all of which are some of the Revolution's undeniable achievements

I vote for Chavez, because, together with him and many others, I travel this path of transformation towards Socialism; something that cannot be achieved simply by arriving at a given point, given it's a process that requires time and effort, something this tireless dreamer of the Alba strives for all the time, accompanied by his people, by his fellow men and women, "shoulder to shoulder".. 

It's comforting to see how, despite all the vicissitudes and destabilizing attempts by those who remain in the dark, our leader continues to enjoy that trust in his liberating drive, and remains charged with courage in everyday battles, always heralding his vision of continental unity, and an unstoppable force, which spreads to all of us as Venezuelans.

When a Nation awakens, it's almost impossible to put it to sleep again. Chavez and the whole Venezuelan revolutionary process, structured around social demands, has spearheaded that awakening of consciousness, has motivated us to be the protagonists and participants of our history, to fight from our respective trenches, and take the necessary steps to achieve a more humane, just, exalted and balanced society, thereby attaining the "greatest possible sum of happiness".

I particularly thank President Chávez for all that he has helped promote regarding gender justice and women's rights, being myself among those who work to promote gender justice, from my own tiny space. To have his backing in this important task amounts to a reward of incalculable for me, given that only on this path are we furthering the change needed for that "other possible world".
Onwards, comandante…

We will keep advancing, towards the October 7th triumph! We will prevail!

Angie Sánchez

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