Thursday, 12 July 2012

Because he saved my life

Reason No. 12

Chavez saved my life. I was ruined and without hope before he came to power.
Times used to be very hard. I have always been a progressive, and for that reason I paid a high price. 

At that time I understood that if your vote is not going to really help transform the order of things, then it’s just not worth it.

In 1998, when Chavez won, I felt differently. At the time my apathy was already changing, eager to see what would happen in our country with a president who was different to all the others? A military man, irreverent, dark, Amerindian and brave.

I say he saved my life, because given the rythm of hopelessness and frustration that I had endured, I don’t think I would have endured much longer.

Nowadays I keep up with the press every day, with people on the street , with the TV, with the changes taking place. I have developed a genuine interest in what’s going on in our country, because for the first time in many years I feel identified with someone, with something. 

I feel I have been taken into account, basically.

Carlos Luis Mendoza

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